Lillie Square

Modern Garden Square Living in West London

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Step out of your lobby and into a landscape of quiet, intimate gardens and verdant open spaces, firmly rooted in the tradition of London’s garden squares.

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    The Penthouse Collection offers the very best in luxury urban living with unrivalled views across west and central London.

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    1 bed apartments

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    2 bed apartments
    2 bed apartments with study

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    The Garden Collection:
    2 bed apartments with study

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    3 bed apartments

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    Terrace Collection

Lillie Square

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Lillie Square offers the best in contemporary urban living. With beautifully designed flexible apartments, landscaped gardens and an exclusive private residents’ club, you can spend your time working, relaxing or socialising without leaving home.


Inspired by the traditional garden squares that are a quintessential feature of west and central London, Lillie Square’s landscaped gardens are calm and serene spaces with winding paths, pocket play areas and places to sit and enjoy the sun.

Ready to make Garden Square living your own?