Lillie Square in full bloom

Spring is finally here, and residents can enjoy the beautiful Andy Sturgeon-designed landscape as the gardens bloom, specially planted to give colour and interest through the seasons.

Bloom 1

As one of the UK’s leading garden designers, Andy Sturgeon’s award-winning designs are widely recognised for his use of historic materials with more contemporary touches.

Famous for their sculptural qualities and innovative planting, the six times gold medallist and Best in Show winner at Chelsea has designed a landscape inspired by the traditional West London garden square, offering tranquil spaces all around Lillie Square.

From spring onwards, the gardens will reveal their full glory and will continue to shine through summer and into autumn. As well as the gardens, Lillie Square is home to the beginning of the ‘Lost River Park’. This exciting new 5-acre public park - also designed by Andy Sturgeon - features a series of elegant garden squares, following the route of London’s famous lost rivers.

We look forward to bringing you more news of this very soon.

Bloom b
Bloom c
Bloom d